What do you need?

- Internet connection - DSL, Cable, or existing network.
- Computer for setup and ticket printing (can be off premises).
- Checkbox.

Checkbox is designed to work with your existing internet connection. Most locations already have a high speed internet connection. All they really need, is to extend that connection to their customers in an easily controlled manner. Checkbox uniquely fills that gap.
* If you do not currently have a high speed internet connection, you may chose your own locally available supplier.

Checkbox can be connected to your current firewall router, or directly to a Cable or DSL modem. Configuration and setup is done through a computer browser, so you will also need to have access to a computer for some stages of the setup. We can even do this setup for you.

So, all you really need is an internet connection, power for the unit(s), and decide how many mesh nodes you need for optimal wireless coverage of your premises. Additional mesh nodes can be added at any time, so you can start small and expand as your needs dictate.