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You may add or update the operator password required to access any of the operator menus. You should have a password assigned to restrict access to these functions, and you can change it at any time.

A "white list" of systems and web sites that you wish to allow your customers unrestricted access to. This can be used to allow your customers to visit your business web site without requiring an access code, or any function where you wish to allow your clients unrestricted access to a particular set of sites. An example may be a company conference in a hotel, where a special Hotspot is set up in the conference room, and you allow unrestricted access to the company web and email sites for conference attendees.

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View and modify current users and available tickets.

You can also restart your hotspot if you required.

A note on the Whitelist:

Systems placed in the Whitelist are unique web (or internet) named sites. Each defines a "system" for unrestricted access. If you wish to define many systems that are part of the same "domain" or network, you must specify them individually. DNS rollover is supported, but wildcard domain names are not. If you have questions about this, we would be glad to assist.